Castle Pines Village — Where Living is Exceptional and Exclusively Colorado

Life, and the demands of our professions race at us at breakneck pace. For some, a vacation would provide the needed respite, however brief. For those of us living in Castle Pines Village, our getaway is home. Our Village is a community where one returns to family, neighbors, friends, and the beauty of the land, happily sequestered from the daily frenzy. It’s our “secret garden” where living is exceptional and exclusively Colorado.

Getting here is simple enough: I-25 to exit 187, Happy Canyon Road. Turning west, the roadway gently dips into a valley of scrub oak and towering pine as the familiar crest of Devil’s Head and the Front Range come into view. The scene is peaceful. A herd of elk or deer may be grazing in a field or wild turkeys may draw attention. It’s no wonder that this pathway has both lured and inspired. Many have shared a memorable first visit including the founder of Castle Pines Village, Jack Vickers. In the 1970’s, his search for land to build a world class golf club ended on Happy Canyon Road, today’s gateway to our community.

Now, 35 years from inception, Castle Pines Village has been gracefully shaped and molded, staying true to the vision of its founders. We are still gated and private, centered on two Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses and care deeply for the natural beauty of the land and its wildlife. We value fine architecture, world class amenities and outstanding service. What’s changed is that we are no longer a sprinkling of homes. We have grown!

Today, more than 1,650 families call Castle Pines Village home. With that, pools, a tennis complex, a fitness center, trails, play areas and much more have been added to keep up with our evolving neighborhood. Moreover, numerous community-wide events and activities bring us together throughout the year. We know how to have fun! Whether it’s hitting the trails (perhaps with a stroller or pup in tow), taking grandkids for a dip at one of the family pools, joining the adult or junior tennis programs, clipping in to cycle the rolling terrain, cheering young swimmers on at Saturday morning meets or finding peace with an early morning round of golf, within these gates, Castle Pines Village is a wonderfully vibrant community!

Preserving the natural beauty of our neighborhood is as important now as it was years ago. From the outset, virtually nothing natural has been disturbed. We are welcomed by native grasses, scrub oak, ponderosa pines and rock outcroppings. Roads wind through some 2,800 acres of forest and meadowlands. Wildlife wander freely. Hummingbirds, porcupines, deer, elk, bluebirds, rabbits, coyotes, the occasional bobcat or bear and other curious friends live among us. Though the main arteries of Douglas County surround us, we are perfectly situated. The rugged beauty of Castle Pines Village provides a serene escape from nearby Denver.

Many of us would agree that the Village is a special place. Our facilities are exquisite and services excellent. Our community is self-contained and self-governed by committed residents. We have a friendly, in-house Emergency Services staff working day and night that responds to our needs from medical emergencies to jump-starting a vehicle. Life here is comfortable and safe. All in all, Castle Pines Village truly is a “secret garden” where we choose to live exceptionally!

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